Sweetheart Series by Martha Cecilia

Sweetheart Series by Martha Cecilia

01. Sweetheart 1
02. Lavender Lace
03. You Belong To My Heart
04. My Knight In Shining Armour
05. All My Love
06. Mrs. Winters
07. Somewhere Between Lovers and Friends
08. My Cheating Heart
09. Mananatili Kang Mahal
10. How Did I Fall In Love With You
11. My Own True Love
12. Charles’ Angel
13. Someday My Prince
14. Sensual
15. A Kiss Remembered (A Special Edition)
16. My Wayward Wife
17. Someone To Watch Over Me
18. My Longtime Friend, My One Week Wife


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email/ym: pinoypocketbooks@yahoo.com

6 Responses to Sweetheart Series by Martha Cecilia

  1. regine says:

    hi,,I’m one of your fan,,
    i’m collecting the “SWEETHEART”
    i read a novel
    that have the same plot as you did to
    the sweetheart7 if I’m not mistaken
    its tittle is mrs. winters.

    i read the “MAGPAKAILANMAN” of My Valintines
    well while reading that i was thinking
    of your novel, it has the same lines,
    except to the some changes,
    i was thinking if she
    just copy your novel that you made.

  2. lougile says:

    im one of ur avid fan,,,
    as in,,i do love to read and collect ur novel,,
    specially ur sweetheart series..
    it was amaring,,i learned a lot…
    keep up the good work….
    and please..try to used my name..on ur next novel..
    take care..good bless..

  3. lougile says:

    hello…. im estela bautista 19
    years old from pangasinan
    i was only grade 4 when i started
    reading phr,,untill now,,,ganun pa rin…

    miss martha..
    im one of those who truelly..
    love reading phr,,,
    specially your work…
    my favorite was your sweetheart series,,
    it does touch my heart so much….
    its really a heart breaking,,story,,,but in each story…there was still a happy ending..
    i really like it cause like
    those leading character..im laso
    too young..when i first fell inlove…
    i was only 7 years old when it happen..
    i thought it was just a simple crush,,,
    but as im growing old ill realized that my felling
    for that guy was still havent changeand that mas lalo pang lumalim ito..
    but i knw,,that i cant and will never have
    him…why? coz first of all his too far frm me…
    he only came here every summer to spend their
    he only treat me as a younger sister,,
    third he like my older sister….and they had ben also on,,,,but they didnt take it seriously.
    but still…its one of those reason
    why i can not even show what i really feel..
    but even it there would be chance i would rather
    choose to keep it to my self….
    rather than,,,show it…coz its my most
    precious secret ever,,, and i knw na wala ring mangyayari…beside he was taken….
    oh,,,ang haba ng litanya ko…
    please i hope sa susunod na novel nyo…
    andon din ang name ko…
    kahit yung nick name ko lang..
    thanks a lot…
    god bless

  4. kate says:

    hello,,,,im one of those who collecting ur novel..
    its really nice…

  5. kaycee says:

    hello po!
    gling nio gmawa s2ry
    pg nabo2re me ska me ngba2sa at nawawala ung pg ka bore ko…

  6. analiza caoile says:

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